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This Danielson Framework for Teaching portal combines individual reflection and evaluation results into a personalized professional learning experience to support every teacher. Includes over 120 practical high-quality resources vetted by The Danielson Group.
Danielson FfT Portal
The NSQ Online Teaching standards create a framework for schools, districts and state agencies to support online and hybrid instruction for every teacher, at scale. This portal "unpacks" the standards to enhance self-awareness and match vetted learning resources to individual strengths and areas of need.
NSQ Portal
The ISTE Standards for Educators deepen the teacing practice and challenge teachers to rethink traditional approaches and prepare their students to drive their own learning.
ISTE Portal
An example of the 2gnoMe platform aligned to the critical work skills like passion, innovation and impact, based on the acclaimed work by Netflix and as featured in the Harvard Business Review.
Skills Portal
This platform is content-agnostic. Our approach and underlying technology can apply to any learning framework or set of standards, to give experts the missing personalization and scale for their content and resources.
Our Approach

The Danielson Framework for Teaching

Ability to personalize teacher’s professional growth is the key to unlocking their  individual potential. That means providing teachers with the high-quality professional development when they need it, in a format that works for their learning style, and based on the best standards of effective teaching.

The Danielson Framework for Teaching describes the skills demonstrated by accomplished teachers in promoting high levels of student learning. These skills and knowledge is based on foundational knowledge and dispositions and grounded in a deep understanding of how people learn.

This portal provides links to high-quality professional development, vetted by The Danielson Group and crowd-sourced from its partners, personalized for every teacher based on their individual strengths and reas of need.


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National Standards for Quality Online Teaching

The pandemic and lockdowns have upended how we teach and how our students learn. And unless teachers get the support they need, students will fall behind and the learning gap will grow.

The NSQ Online Teaching standards provide a framework for schools, districts and state agencies to improve online teaching and learning. Powered by 2gnoMe, this professional learning portal 'unpacks' the standards for educators and uses data to match the relevant learning resources to individual needs and strengths. This approach puts teachers on a path towards improving their practice as an online instructor now and when we all get back to school.



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NSQ website

ISTE Standards for Educators

The ISTE Standards are a framework for innovation in education. These standards help educators and education leaders worldwide prepare learners to thrive in work and life.

The ISTE Standards for Educators powered by 2gnoMe is a learning portal that helps educators "unpack" the framework's elements to receive targeted learning recommendations that evolve over time based on individual strengths and weaknesses.


Workforce Skills

The baseline in this example is brilliant work from Netflix by Patty McCord and Reed Hastings, which was published in HBR (see sidebar). Organizational leaders can customize this platform for their custom skills and learning standards and learning expectations.

The Netlix approach became the foundation for our focus on soft skills. Where Hastings and McCord identified nine skills with specific dimensions (in their brilliant Netflix culture deck - see sidebar), we developed situation-based skills methodologies that “measure” each dimension, and applied them to the 2gnoMe technology platform.

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Re-Imagine Professional Learning

It is a daunting task to scramble for high-quality PD that will resonate with your teachers and give them what they need when they need it, isn't it? District and state agencies often struggle to shift from 'in-person' training to more 'personalized and high-quality' delivery of professional learning.

Survey after survey shows that the PD teachers receive is too generic, too often mediocre, and typically not offered when they need it most. Every teacher aspires to be the best educator for their students. That means they need the support that is tailored to their needs within the framework of effective teaching that your organization uses.

Building off your required effectiveness standards, 2gnoMe can help your organization transform those standards into the foundation for personalized learning for your every teacher, at scale.

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Identify Skill Gaps

Enhance skills awareness aligned to any framework or set of standards. Teachers get to reflect about their teaching practice and our approach triangulates between self-perception, actual practice, and how others see your practice in the real world.

Personalize Learning

The system uses diagnostic data and your input to tether all relevant elements around every teacher, at scale. These elements can include content, coaching, PLCs, portfolio, credits, etc. - everything - and they can come from 2gnoMe partners, from you, or both.

Measure Impact of PD
First, 2gnoMe enables leaders to shape and personalize learning resources for their teachers into a continuous competency-based experience. Second, the system measures learning effectiveness on teachers' practice, retention and student outcomes.


Feedback Loop

Get rare feedback from teachers on the relevancy and value learning resources. System helps separate effective PD resources from wasteful activities.

Credits & Credentials

Recognize and reward teachers for their learning. You can create your own rules around PD credits or integrate with existing evaluation system or platform.

Increase Fidelity

Increase fidelity of the PD process by making higher-quality resources better organized around an underlying framework and making resources more actionable.

Digital Portfolios

Individual workspaces to share resources, collaborate with other educators and upload learning materials for PD credits.

Activity Transcript

A secure real-time journal of the learning activity and PD credits. Easy to share when teachers transfer between districts.

Crowdsource Experts
Get teachers and stakeholders to suggest high-quality resources, organized around your framework or set of standards.

PLCs and Coaching

Bring your existing PLCs and coaching activity or use data to create new ones. Combine with micro-credentials to empower skill leaders from within and further personalize learning for everyone.

New Teacher Support

Use data to personalize support to new teachers during their first crucial years of teaching. For example, you can identify internal skill leaders and match them up with new teachers.

Before & After

After learning, teachers can re-assess to see their own progress, while the system informs program leaders about the impact of the learning activity - impact on teachers' practice and retention.